About me

My name is Maurizio Lupo but this blog is not about me. This is about Sithmel, my alter ego.

The history so far
I love computers since I was 7 (I still remember my commodore 64). I have worked as software developer since 1998. In 2005 I have discovered free software and suddenly I fell in love.
I decided to become a Linux System Administrator. I started to study and I passed the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) Exam in 2006, nearly in the same period I discovered Python and It became my favourite language.
In the following years I have collaborated with a beautiful FOSS community in Turin (the city where I used to live).
I used Python to automate many and many tedious tasks and, al last, I was enough skilled to work as a  web developer for Redomino. Here I started to use Javascript often and I discovered how beautiful it is. In the mean time I have also worked as freelancer in complex Javascript (and node.js) projects.
In 2013 I moved to England and I started working at mailonline as Javascript developer. I currently work at TES Global.

About Sithmel and his blog
So, I consider myself an open web developer. I still love Free software and the open web.
I am passionate of bleeding edge technologies and I like to try out new stuff.

This blog is about sharing. I don't want to make lessons, just share experiences. If I make a mistake  everyone should feel free to correct me (using the comments of course).
And obviously if my english is not perfect be patient, this is not my native language, I am doing my best !

Under the Hood

So what about the rest of my life ?
I live in Woodley (England) with my family: a wife and two beautiful kids.
In my spare time I watch TV Shows, movies and read books. I play the electric guitar/bass and I listen music (mostly jazz or progressive rock).